• Mental & Emotional Fitness
  • Self-care
  • Effective journaling
  • Physical health habits (nutrition & fitness)
  • Purpose & Passion
  • Goals
  • Social well-being (friendships, relationships & marriage)
  • Spiritual life

The Help Reviving Your Victory 

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"Ray Custis did more than coach me. He gave me back my life and dignity. For years, I was spinning my wheels and going nowhere. Today, I am doing great in my career and I am excited about the future. Thank you, Coach Ray!" - Matthew, Washington, D.C. 

I've had a turn around in my relationships, by meeting new people, and talking to donors 'is there anything I can do for you'.  It doesn't work on everybody but the majority of the time it works.
I've seen a change in my attitude by being thankful and writing in my gratitude journal. I've also been thankful for the small things like hugs, handshakes, kisses, and smiles from people. I'm focusing on being a blessing to people around me and people that I meet. Thank you, Coach Ray. - Fred, Dallas, TX

“I give practical strategies and inspiration to help others achieve extraordinary results.”

An Inspirational Speaker. And a Peak Performance and Development Coach. Co-Founder of ThryvLife365. I help others develop essential habits, improve their performance, and achieve the successes and fulfillment they desire. Dedicated to working alongside you, I will help you find solutions tailored to your interests and goals.

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On behalf of the Friendship Place Training Committee, I would like to thank you for the time, energy, and consideration that you put into your presentation today. The information was well received and appreciated according to your evals (attached). Your personal style and enthusiasm were obvious and your delivery was outstanding!

We hope you will consider offering this presentation (or another) again at a later time to the rest of our staff who can benefit from this information. - 
Sal Corbin, Washington, DC